Scum Update Patch Notes [Sept 28, 2018]

Hello, prisoners! The new SCUM patch is rolling out soon. Here are the new patch notes for this week! In case you get a problem of connecting to a server, please keep in mind from the moment of the patch deployment that the servers can take up to 60 minutes to update! Important update from […]

Scum Tips: How To Get Fame Points Easy And Fast

Easy Way For Fresh Spwan Craft A Stone Axe: find some Rocks (on the ground) to craft a Stone Knife and a Stone Axe Head. Cut down some large Bush to gather some Long Wooden Stick, and craft the Stone Axe. Be A Lumberman: You get 2-3 Fame Points for every Tree you chopped down and 1-2 Fame Points when you chop Logs into […]

Scum Sniping Guide: How Scopes Work In Scum And More Tricks

About sniping in scum, there are 3 steps. Step One: Aquiring informations. Double tap left control to begin the acquisition, and you’ll the the Range, Windage,Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Altitude. At the moment in Scum, Range is the principal factor of concern. Step Two: Ranging your rifle approriately, Hold shift button and use the scroll […]

Scum Beginner’s Guide: Storage And Shelter, How To Choose Location And Craft Them

Today, Let’s talk about the shelter and storage in Scum, but if it’s your first time playing Scum, Check those article of ours to have a good start: Scum Game Guide: The Best Character Builds Scum Beginner’s Guide, First Thing You Need To Do   Choose A Good Location Shelter gives you a certain respwan […]