Scum Patch Notes, Anti-Cheat System Improved

Hello prisoners, just a small preweekend patch going live in 15 min to make your gaming experience better! Anti-cheat system improved. Add an Improvised stab-proof vest Edited collision for SM_Compensator (sentry could see the player, reported bug) Expanded Primitive collision on Military Hangar doors meshes (Sentry should not be able to shoot you through the […]

Scum: The Best Locations To Loot At Beginning Of The Game

Stop wasting your time by searching random building which gives you nothing, let me show you two locations with the best loots that will help you gear up real quick. Let’s go. The first location is the Airstrip and the another one is the complexe southwest to the Airstrip, you’ll see hangars in both of […]

Scum Game Guide: The Best Character Builds

Scum is an upcoming multiplayer online survival game, developed by Croatian studio Gamepires, produced by Croteam and published by Developer Digital. The game is described as a “prison riot survival game” and will feature an open world. Considering how slow to level up your abilities, It’s very important to build you character correctly, and here is […]