Scum Beginner’s Guide: Storage And Shelter, How To Choose Location And Craft Them

Today, Let’s talk about the shelter and storage in Scum, but if it’s your first time playing Scum, Check those article of ours to have a good start:

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Choose A Good Location

Shelter gives you a certain respwan location which costs 75 FP when you get killed, it gives you advantages to gear up quickly when you respawn. And the most of the people builds their shelter next to military facility or police station, which give them oppotunities of finding more weapon, that’s also what we do.


But, we can’t just build our shelter on open field, since other players can see it and loot it. We should build the shelter in the forest next the location you want, and remember don’t build you storage right next to your shelter, that’s too easy for others who spot you shelter, find a bush not too far not too close to your shelter and build your storage in it.there is also a trick of building storage if you are next to waters. One last thing, your shelter and storage won’t be marked on the map, remember their locations.



How To Craft Them


  1. Find some Rocks (on the ground) to craft a Stone Knife and a Stone Axe Head.
  2. Find clothes and use Stone Knife cut them into Rags(Keep 3 Rags), then cut Rags into Rag Strips, craft Rag Strips into 5 Improvised Ropes (25 Rag Strips needed).
  3. Craft a bag with an Improvised Rope and 3 Rags.



  1. Cut down some large Bush to gather some Long Wooden Stick, and craft the Stone Axe.
  2. Go to the location you wanna build your shelter ans storage.
  3. use you Stone Axe to chop down some tree nearby, gather 10 Long Wooden Sticks and 6 Small Wooden Sticks.
  4. Craft two Bundle of Wooden Sticks for Long and Small Woooden Sticks and place them in your hand so you can relocate more than one stick at a time.
  5. Put them at the location you wanna build shelter and you can now build a shelter, which cost 10 Long Wooden Sticks, 6 Small Wooden Sticks and 2 Improvised Ropes.



  1. Return to where you chopped down trees and use Stone Axe to gather 8 Wooden Planks from Logs.
  2. Craft your Storage, which costs 8 Wooden Planks and 2 Improvised Ropes


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