Scum Crafting System: Everything You Need To Know About Crafting In Scum

Crafting is an important element in Scum and this is the Crafting menu, you can do all you crafting you need here, seems pretty complicated right? It’s actually pretty fun if you have mastered it’s crafting system, symbols, ect. Let me show you.


Crafting List

Firstly, Let’s talk about the crafting list on the right, we can see everything you can craft in the game so far, and different items have different background, let me tell you what they mean.

 – you know crafting it and you have materials required

 – You know crafting it but you don’t have all the materials

 – You don’t have any required material to craft it.

 – Your Survival Skill is not advance enough to craft this item.


Ps: You can upgrade your Survival Skill by crafting stuff.


How to Craft

You Choose the Item you wanna craft at the right side, and the items required will turn red at left side, which also shows in the Components.

We can see that there are small symbols on those Item, let me explain what they do.

If you see a small green gear icon on the item, that means they are neccesary for this crafting, and if it’s a blue Icon, it mean they are to neccesary required but they might enhance the item that you craft.

If there is a little hammer, that means its a tool used to craft, not a material.

Ps: When you craft, you can use the material in you inventory and in your vicinity, which means it’s not neccessary to pick up everything in you bag


Items’ Stack And Endurence

Now, is the last thing, as you can see that there is a stack number at up and right of the item and a endurance bar below. When you craft something, it might required some items with a stack number, if you have all the items required to craft but you can’t craft it, it’s probably the stack of the item doesn’t meet the requirement and you need to find another one. As long as you item still have a stack number, it remains useable, but every time you use your item, its endurance bar decrease.

Endurance bar and stack number are two different mehcanics but they fonction the same way, when on of them is use up, this item will disappear.


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