Scum Full Map Revealed! Whole Map Is 3 Times Bigger Than Current Map

Source: Via VK Scum group

Scum’s current map is 144 square kilometers, which is already pretty big, but it seems that the whole map will be much bigger that the current map when the game officially releases.

You can actually have a look for yourself. Play singleplayer, and open the text chat (T) gives you access to admin commands. Type “#teleport [Character Name] 0 0 1000000” (no brackets around your actual character name) and you’ll teleport to the sky. Turn your camera and you’ll see the full map. There’s also a floating mountain, possibly some skybox scenery.

It’s not just a matter of teleporting over the wall and exploring, though. Currently, the rest of the map is a just flat, featureless 2D plane. There’s nothing physcially there, and if you try to visit via another teleportation command (#Teleport [Character Name] 0 650000 50000) you’ll just plummet right through it as I did below.


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