Scum Tips: How To Get Fame Points Easy And Fast

Easy Way For Fresh Spwan

Craft A Stone Axe: find some Rocks (on the ground) to craft a Stone Knife and a Stone Axe Head. Cut down some large Bush to gather some Long Wooden Stick, and craft the Stone Axe.

Be A Lumberman: You get 2-3 Fame Points for every Tree you chopped down and 1-2 Fame Points when you chop Logs into Wooden Blanks.

Fast Way For Veteran

There is a faster but more dangerous way for veterans to farm Fame Points. First of all, you need a shotgun, and go find a Mech, find a spot, an angel where you can shoot it, but it can shoot back, like throught a small window. You earn Fame Points everytime you hit a Mech (Shotgun counts multiple hits)

Deathmatch Even

You’ll need 10 Fame Points to join a Deathmatch Even, and in the Deathmatch Even, you’ll get 50 Fame Point for every kill, if you are good at killing, this is a good choice.


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