Scum Tips: Six Advanced Tips That Will Help You Suivive Like A Pro

1.Zombies can’t hit you when you go prone – If players go prone, zombies will keep attacking but they won’t be able to hit you, quite useful when you are facing lots of zombies with no good weapons.

2.Grab your item while climbing – When you need to climb, drop the item in your hand in the vicinity, and starts to climb, when you are on the ladder, drag your item to you hand and hold it, release until you get on the top of the ladder, the item will magically get fly back in your hand, even though it supposed to be at the another side of the ladder.

3.Longer reach at first person perspective – Your character will have a longer reach at first person perspective, when you need to interact with something but it’s too far away, try swtich to the first person perspective.

4.Aquire more marterial by using better tools – Simple example, you will get way more rags and rag strips from clothes by using scissors instead of a stone knife.

5.Activate Hunter Mode – When you hold you right click, you’ll be able to notice your enemies and other information in a longer distance (depends on your Awareness). Hold right click and go to inventory, let go the right click, then close inventory, you middle finger is now free.

6.Pay attention to drones – If you hear drones, that means there are other players around, you find the drone, you find the guy. However, drones can expose you as well, even when you are trying to hide in a bush at night, they will illuminate you with their flashlight.

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